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Experience volcano expeditions
around the "Ring of Fire" (Pacific)              

Documentary of expeditions to active volcanoes by Marius Stärkle

This webpage is dedicated to volcano lovers, travellers, climbers,
photographers and adventurers
interested in climbing or getting
close to "active volcanos", geysers, hot springs - and of course: - 
to people around the world, who want to enjoy  pictures, photos
and film of flowing lava, pyroclastic eruptions, lava bombs or other
amazing geological volcanic features.

Last updated: 11th September 2005

In the past 10 years we visited about 60 active volcanoes arount the
world. This webpage documents most of our volcano visits of our last big 
expedition at the "Ring of Fire" from Alaska to South America that lasted
two years. I am about to update the page with some of our highlights of the
past years - especially our amazing expeditions on Big Island of Hawaii,
where we were f.e. the only ones to be able to document the beginning of
episode 55 where within a couple of hours millions of cubic meters of
lava found a new way to the sea.
03-04-11-pacaya-expedition4s-gipfel-sued-hugi.jpg (24865 Byte)fuego_exped7h-3-night-expedition-eruption-fuego.jpg (33891 Byte)Fuego-de-Colima_Basecamp1-Adventurers_21122002.gif (69816 Byte)Fuego-de-Colima_Eruption14_22122002.gif (71312 Byte)

posted a lot of photographs, hints and tips, GPS-Positions and 
personal stories of our travelling experiences and expeditions across
Alaska, Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, 
Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentinia and Hawaii.

Apart from stories ("Reiseberichte") of our expeditions I posted general
hints & tips and pictures f.e. of great campspots "off the beaten track"
4x4 adventures, trail descriptions and some of our travelling highlights
ranging from exciting bear encounters in Alaska, sailing or rafting at unusual 
places to general experiences with culture, native people, fauna & flora.

2003_08_24_Salar-Coipassa-bis-Salar-Uyuni 126.jpg (43788 Byte)1-Welcome-Mexico-Desertdrive-baja-1a.gif (69626 Byte)Hyder-Baer-Encounter2.gif (103674 Byte)

We gathered a lot of interesting film material and pictures of volcano
eruptions and are working on a film production featuring "the active
volcanoes around the Ring of Fire". Are You interested in helping me to
create an outstanding documentary?  :)

Some recent highlights and direct access links of our expedition from Alaska to Argentinia 2003:

2003_08_12_Ruinen-von-Machupichu 018.jpg (52399 Byte)
Machupichu - Peru, July 2003
2003_08_22_Cordillera-de-los-Volcanos-and-Geysers 109 Panorama.jpg (45594 Byte)
"Drive-in-Geyser" - Offroad-Adventure Chile, August 2003
2003_08_24_Salar-Coipassa-bis-Salar-Uyuni 133.jpg (53615 Byte)
Bolivia, Salar Uyuni, Aug 2003
fuego_exped7j-3-night-expedition-eruption-fuego.jpg (41092 Byte)
Guatemala: Volcano Adventures (April 2003)
2003-07-20_Cotopaxi 041 Panormama23b.jpg (536457 Byte)
Climbing Ecuadors Volcanos - Cotopaxi (5897 Meters)... (20th July 2003)
markt17.jpg (80416 Byte)
Guatemala - the land of the 1000 colours... (April 2003)
1-Welcome-Mexico-Desertdrive-baja-1a.gif (69626 Byte)
Baja-Adventures (October - November 2002)
Galapagos-0139_AUT.JPG (775775 Byte)
Galapagos - Islands - What an amazing world!
(June-July 2003)

Sea-of-Cortez-Sailing-Playa-Escondido1.gif (62670 Byte)
Sailing & having a break...

Alaska-Aventures (July- August 2002)
2003_08_22_Cordillera-de-los-Volcanos-and-Geysers 031 Panorama.jpg (55618 Byte)
Bears, Bears, Bears...

Contact Information

The best way to reach me is by e-mail: or 

Marius Stärkle
Holligenstr. 44
CH-3008 Bern, Switzerland
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Date: 11th September 2005